Piano Hire

In March 2016, Faversham Music Club acquired a brand new piano on loan from the Blüthner Foundation.

This fabulous instrument, situated in the newly-refurbished Assembly Rooms, offers an enormous range of music-making opportunities for the Club. Faversham Music Club’s  Piano Fund is raising over £40,000 for its purchase and are already over half way to the total. Aside from being a resource for Faversham Music Club, we are supporting music making in Faversham, providing a top quality instrument for audiences, performers and local musicians.

We are very keen that local and visiting musicians will be keen to use this top=class instrument. The hire fees help to support the maintenance, regulation and tuning of the instrument by one of Blüthner’s technicians as well as the annual insurance.

  • CONCERT/ REHEARSAL           [£25 per day]
  • EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY         [£20 per day]
  • BLOCK BOOKING                     [£18.75 per day]

If you would like to hire the piano, you should first confirm a booking of the Assembly Rooms before completing the piano hire form: